Restaurants in Stockholm

Lusthuset at Djurgårdsbrunn
When it comes to food Stockholm has a lot to offer no matter what your preferences are. We only list alternatives that we consider to be worth every penny, that we have tried and loved.
We really don't know how we are going to sort it so we'll do it in districts:

Gamla Stan
Grill Ruby,
Österlånggatan 14
Pricy but somehow always full anyway. Their specialty is grilled food and the location is good.

Le Rouge
Brunnsgränd 2-4
Great food, lush, red Moulin rouge decorations but expensive. Absolutely worth every penny though. Has a less expensive Bar rouge up on the corner that turns into a nice hangout on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Västerlånggatan 72
Pizza, pasta and overall Italian specialties. Good value for being old town but still quite pricy. We do like it however and hence recommend it to you.

Flemminggatan 22
Tapas bar that makes easy quite inexpensive tapas. Lovely staff, very homely but to get full you need 3 tapas and then you are up to any full price meal around town so don't kid yourself about the prices. We like it here though, good for Friday after work!

Original, great traditional Swedish food, their Köttbullar are legendary as is the beer drinking crowd that on get quite rowdy from time to time.

Vasagatan 50
A huge selection of bear, wonderful Moules frittes and overall great food and staff!

Kungsgatan 44
About 30 restaurants at a large food court. Great choice if you are in a hurry, a larger company or just want to eat something randomly. Out of all the restaurants a few stand out: Ikki-good sushi at decent prices. Hamburger place at the top floor do excellent burgers, probably the best in Sweden.

Mäster samuelsgatan 47
Tapas, good lunch place. Pricy in the evenings though!