First of all, let us just say that any place around Avenyn is going to be decent, we've just chosen out favorites but that doesn’t mean that the other places aren't good enough!

Jameson’s Pub
Kungsportsavenyn 32
Good beer selection, comfortable atmosphere any day that you are up for a few beers, this is the place!

Lilla London
Good pub that also serves very good food. A bit up market but a good bet a Friday evening.

Gamle port
Östra Larmgatan 18
You got to love this place! Pub, nightclub, restaurant, sports venture place. My personal favorite amongst pubs in Gothenburg!

Park Lane
Kungsportavenyn 38
Disco the way it should be. Strobes, mirror reflections, dance music and plenty of different clubs makes for a divers scene depending on what day you are here.

Kungsportavenyn 11-13
Well this club brought the best of Stockholm’s posh club scene to Gothenburg and it's a success!

Nya Allén 11
Nicely situated, 4 bars, 2 dance floors. Also a very very good restaurant. It will cost you but it's worth it!

Several dance floors, all with different kinds of music depending on your mood. Great for those that just can't decide!