Hihly recommended things to do in Stockholm

What is it that you are just not allowed to miss while you are in Stockholm? Well it naturally depends on season and how much time you have but we rate 10 things that you can't miss no matter when you are here or how little time you have:

1.Old town (Gamla stan)
The heart of Stockholm, where it all started and where much of it is kept. You can still walk on the same cobble stones that Axel von Fersen (Marie Antoinette’s lover) was killed upon, see the slop where the big blood bath took place. Eat at one of the many cafés located 16th century basements, admire the royal castle and see the changing of the guards.

Yes, we know you need some time to do really see the archipelago but there are ways to do it fast to if you are in a hurry. It's something amazing about the archipelago in Stockholm a sunny summer day, diving of the cliffs, fishing, sunbathing, sipping wine at one of the small harbors or challenging your friend to mini golf but most of all, just see the beauty of it and enjoy! For a quick spell we recommend Fjäderholmarna and if you have a full day, don't miss Sandhamn, the real jewel of Stockholm’s archipelago!

3.City hall
This is where the Nobel prize celebrations are held. The Nobel prize was founded by Alfred Nobel, the guy who invented dynamite, and is one of the biggest event in Sweden each year. It's a full on week with ceremonies, speeches and it all ends with a large dinner at city hall! It holds the 3 crowns, the symbol of the Swedish hockey team amongst others and you can climb the tower to get a great view of Stockholm.

4.The ice bar
Ok yes, a lot of people will argue that it's not fair to put this on 4th place in Stockholm but we feel that it really tells a typical story of Sweden and it's a cool place! The entire thing is made out of ice, the bar, the glasses, the tables etc. They lend you a furry coat, gloves and hats so you can go in the summer and still be warm.

5.Boat sightseeing
This makes for a great way to see Stockholm, Venice of northern Europe. A few hours guided tour makes for an effective way to see many different places in Stockholm and it's a nice ride.

Comes naturally perhaps, but food is important in Swedish culture. We have a couple of places that we love that you can read more about under Restaurants but take time to dine, enjoy the Swedish specialties and it doesn’t have to be expensive! If you are staying in an apartment, try things like cloudberry jam, herring and crisp bread at home, no need to pay extra for that at a fancy restaurant or take the opportunity to eat many of the Swedish specialties at a local Brunch place.

A large open air museum that hold a bit of everything from a small cute animal park where you can see wolfs, moose, bears and many other animals but also a place to visit the historic Sweden in miniature. If you happen to be here during one of the larger celebrations such as Lucia, midsummer, new years etc, then you can celebrate it traditionally in Skansen.

8.The Vasa museum
The only preserved 17th century ship in the world. Sank on it's maiden journey in 1628, was brought back up in 1961. Situated on Djurgården this could easily be combined with Skansen and a mini boat ride from Slussen, makes for a full day.

9.Any sports event
Depending on season this might be Hockey or Football but you should take the opportunity to go see a game live. There are 3 football teams that are big in Stockholm, AIK, Djurgården and Hammarby and you can see the game schedule and by tickets at ticnet.

Sounds stupid, we know, but a walk around Djurgården, stop at local cafés and enjoy the quiet. Walk around Old town and enjoy the atmosphere. Walk home a late summer night along the waterfronts in Stockholm, enjoy the 24hour daylight and feel the Nordic spirit. Stockholm is not big, you can walk almost everywhere and you should because it's simply the best way to get to know the city.