Quick facts

Thailand in numbers

Area:       514 000 km²
BNP:        $544 834 miljoner
Population: 64,631,595

General info
Capital:   Bangkok
Currency:  Baht (THB)
Time zone: GMT +7

Main tourist destinations
This is really depending on what you are in for.
Bangkok is the city that never sleeps, where anything and everything is possible. If you are heading to Thailand, make a stop here for a few days on your way back home. Go see the temple of dawn, visit chatuccheck weekend market, go shopping around MBK, visit the infamous Kao san road and it's crazy crowd, dine at Baiyoke Sky Hotel on the 78th floor or just get lost in the worlds biggest traffic jam.. No matter what you are in for, you can find it in Bangkok!

Hua hin is home of the Thai king, Golfing mecka of Thailand, a real thaicity that still hold enormous touris potential. In the last 10 years a lot of foreigners has bought and built houses around Hua hin and most of them only stay part of the year meaning that there are plenty of Vacationrentals in Hua hin choose from when you are looking for a luxery Hua hin villa.

Island hopping is always a fvourite with theire crystal white beaches, great diving waters, full moon parties or just realxing at deserted beaches after a long tail ride. The islands all have attractions and atmospheres but I'll try to categorize them:

Very relaxed calm and quiet
Ex:Koh Lanta, Ko Chang, Koh Mak

For thoose that want comfort, nice beaches and ther regular charter outfitt:
Koh Samui

Newly christend backpackers eg still in the comfort zoone
Koh Phanga, Koh Phi phi


Ko Tao, Similan islands

Food specialties
As with all other countries, there are different specialties depending on region and season but no matter where you are though, you can have some of the best fresh fruit in the world. The obvious choices when you think of Thailand is perhaps coconut but there are many more to choose from, mango, pineapple, watermellon, rambutan, jack fruit and the notorious durian to mention a few personal favourites.

Dining is cheap in Thailand and restaurants are good value generally but don't miss out on eating at the food stalls and at the market, the food is fresh and usually excellent and the prices are extremly low.
Anywhere along the coastline, Sea food is an obvious choice. Make sure that it's fresh and then it's up to you how you want it seasoned.

Curries are usually spicy, strong and wonderfull. Mixed with coconut milk they, the red curry with shrimp is just outstanding. Bbq chicken that they sell in food stalls is cheaps, loaded with protein. Pad thai (fried noodles) or khao pat (fired rice) is also dirt cheap and filling.

Fun facts
Thailand is bigger than the United Kingdom, Iceland, Belgium and Austria combined.
Her Majesty the Queen Sirikit was one of the most beautiful women in the 20th century.
Thai boxing is the national sport in Thailand.