This is the section where we have gathered restaurants and cafés that you should visit just for the experience. They all offer something unique that we love and that we want you to try!


Yes it is just what it sounds like, a bar made out of ice. Everything is actually made out of ice, the walls, glasses, furniture.. A really cool place to pop in for a drink (that is included with the entry fee). Best of all? They let you borrow warm cloths and shoes so it's ideal for a hot summer day! Be aware that you might want to book ahead during peak season, they can only let so many people in at a time (otherwise the place will melt..). Absolute Icebar

Situated at the top of a rather steep hill in central Stockholm this place both offers a nice walk and a lovely view. On a sunny summer day this is makes a perfect hike to the top with a well deserved reward once you make it all the way up! Fåfängan

Restaurants out on Sandhamn

Just a daytrip out to Sandhamn is worth going for and make sure you swing by the famous bakery as early as possible to pick up some legendary “Seglarbullar” but on the restaurant side we have a few very good choices depending on what time and what season. Visit Sandhamn

A fancy up notch place that has the best location, right around the main docks for all the sail boats that dock around here. The food is pricy but very good, the after sail a sunny afternoon is legendary and the party scene late night at Alma baren is great! Seglarrestaurangen

Where the more laid back crew hang out, good food and good beer. No dance floors but very good atmosphere and my personal favorite when it comes to Sandhamn if you’re not going to be out until 3 am. Dykarbaren

Where the real sailors hang out! Order a Pytt i panna with a beer, listen to the stories and relive the life of old storms, stories ad competitions. Sandhamns Värdshus